Easy Cart Value

Our success has come from our strong sense of identity, objectivity of thought and accountability for results in pursuit of excellence. To ensure that corporate compliance is not merely lip service, compliance to the Corporate Code of Ethics is monitored and enforced by Easycart Group Regional Compliance and Internal Audit department, which report directly to its independent directors. This Code of Ethics will serve to further reinforce our values and instill in us our duties and obligations to each other, to our shareholders, principals, business partners and, of course, our customers.

Our Values

• we aspire to be the most distinctive and responsive organization with the highest quality standards in all our undertakings. We lead by example whilst maintaining a strong sense of our identity, objectivity of thought and accountability of results in pursuit of excellence.

• We endeavor to enhance shareholder value over the medium to long term.

• We continually strive for an environment of resilience through professionalism, commitment and sound business practices. We are proactive, resourceful and entrepreneurial and aspire to continuously inspire and motivate ourselves and our desire to learn and progress in a competitive environment.

• We constantly aspire to build and enrich each brand under our care but always in cognizance of the highest quality standards that are consistent with the brand’s legacy and image. We aspire to long-term relationships with principals, which are a testimonial of our integrity and commitment to our business partners.

• We Endeavour to provide customer service excellence, extending beyond geography and product, enhancing the entire shopping experience.

Monitoring and Enforcement:

• Understanding and complying with the Code of Conduct

• It is the personal responsibility of every director and employee to understand and comply with this Code of Conduct.

• Where required under this Code of Conduct, employees and directors must seek clearance and consent from their immediate superiors. Functional managers should, in their day-to-day supervision, ensure that their subordinates understand and comply with the standards and requirements stipulated in this Code of Conduct.

• Channels of complaint are open to all shareholders, customers, suppliers and contractors, as well as all directors and employees of the Company. Complaints and queries can be emailed directly and on a confidential basis to the Regional Compliance and Internal Audit at chairmen@easycartbiz.com

• The Company will consider all complaints impartially and efficiently. Unlawful or unethical conduct will be investigated thoroughly. All information received will be kept confidential.

Violation of the Code of Conduct - Any violation of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including summary dismissal without payment in-lieu of notice. In cases of suspected corruption or other forms of criminal act, the Company may report such conduct to the appropriate authorities.

Personal Conduct of Directors and Employees

Directors and employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Company rules and regulations are to be observed at all times. Directors and employees should refer to the Employee Handbook. Directors must also refer to the Code of Corporate Governance, which the Company has adopted.

The Company believes that honesty, integrity and fair play are extremely important assets in its business. All directors and employees of the Company must ensure that the Company’s reputation is not tarnished by dishonesty, disloyalty, corruption or inappropriate behaviour. To this end:

- Soliciting Advantages - It is the policy of the Company to prohibit directors or employees to solicit any advantage, whether directly or indirectly, from clients, suppliers or any person in connection with the Company’s business. The term "Advantage" includes gift, loan, fee, reward, office, employment, contract, service and favour.

- Accepting Advantages - Directors or employees should decline advantages offered in connection with their duties if the acceptance of such advantages could affect their objectivity or induce them to act against the Company’s interests or lead to complaints of bias. Directors or employees may consider accepting voluntarily given advantages only if:

- The acceptance will not influence the performance of the recipient.

- The recipient is able to openly discuss the acceptance without reservation and/or.

- The recipient will not feel obliged to do something in return for the offeror.

-The nature of the advantage is such that refusal could be seen as being unsociable or impolite (eg. advertising or promotional gifts and commercial samples of low or no commercial value such as calendars, diaries and stationery items, not exceeding S$50 in value). In case of any doubt, the recipient should refer the matter to the HR department for guidance.

Relations with Suppliers and Contractors

Fair and Open Competition - The Company promotes fair and open competition and aims at developing and securing long-term relationships with suppliers and contractors.

Procurement and Tendering Procedures - The hire of services or the purchase of goods will be based solely upon price, quality and need. Procurement or tender exercise will be based on the following principles:

- Impartial selection of capable and responsible suppliers and contractors.

- Selection of appropriate contract types according to needs.

- Compliance with laws, relevant regulations and contractual obligations; and

- Adoption of an effective monitoring system and management controls to detect and prevent bribery, fraud or other malpractice.

Payment Procedures - The Company undertakes to pay its suppliers and contractors according to agreed terms of trade.

Responsibilities to Shareholders and Financial Community Relations

Increased Earnings and Long-term Growth - The Company endeavors to enhance shareholder value over the medium to long term.

Disclosure of Information - The Company seeks to provide material information to its shareholders in a timely and adequate manner. When inadvertent disclosure has been made to a selected group of people, the Company will make the same disclosure publicly as soon as practicable.

True and Fair Accounting Policies and Practices - It is the policy of the Company to maintain complete and accurate records and accounts. All accounting records and the reports produced from them must be kept and presented in accordance with all applicable laws and professional accounting standards. The accounting books of the Company should, in reasonable and accurate detail, reflect the transactions and disposal of Company assets. No false, artificial or misleading statements or entries should be made in the Company’s books or accounting records, documents or financial statements.

Insider Trading - The Company has adopted Best Practices Guide with respect to dealings in securities. All employees of the Group who may be in possession of unpublished and/or material price-sensitive information are prohibited from dealing in securities of the Company during the period commencing two weeks before the announcement of the Company’s financial results for each of the first three quarters of its financial year or one month before the announcement of the Company’s full year results and ending on the date of the announcement of the results, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Best Practices Guide.

Interested Person Transactions - Transactions with the Company’s interested persons (a term that is defined in the manual) are subjected to review and approval by the Board comprising those directors who do not have an interest in the transaction. Where required by the relevant rules, the Audit Committee reviews the transaction to determine that it is on normal commercial terms and hence, not prejudicial to the interest of the Company and shareholders, before making recommendations to the Board for endorsement.

Relations with Customers

Service to Customers - The Company seeks to provide competent, friendly and courteous service to all its customers.

2 Commitment to Quality and Fair Value Products - The Company ensures that its customers will receive the best quality and value for their purchases.

Responsibilities to the Community:

Support for Community and Charitable Causes - The Company meaningfully supports charitable and not-for-profit organizations by way of donations and fund-raising events consistent with the Company’s guidelines on charitable giving, espoused by the Easycart Group Charity Committee.

The Environment - The Company is committed to minimizing any negative impact of its business activities on the environment.

Corporate Objectives

The Easycart commitment

To Our People - We dedicate to provide a caring, enriching and rewarding environment for our consumers our employees.

To Our Business Partners - We dedicate to constantly introduce unique products that improve quality of life and well-being. We actively listen to our customers, to understand their changing needs and provide them with excellent, value-for-money products & services.