Can I join other company being an associate of Easycart ?
No, You can not became a distributor or can not join in any other network marketing company if found so your distributorship will be cancelled. In addition, we won’t let our distributors promote other opportunities or products at any company-sponsored events or activities.

Can my husband and I have two distributorships?
Actually this is not an issue with our company.

Can I sponsor in foreign countries?
The pace of sponsoring in foreign countries is often faster than a company’s ability to lay the proper ground work for such expansion. Each country has its own rules regarding network marketing, door-to-door sales, products of claims, etc. Here at Easycart, distributors are requested not to sponsor distributors in a foreign country until we posses the proper legal groundwork in that country.

Can I sign up online ?
Yes anyone can join our company or become our distributor by filling up a form online with all supportive documents (Aadhar, PAN, Photographs) . Facsimile signatures are legal. However, the best approach is to have an original, signed distributor agreement on file at the home office.

Why do I have to pay TDS and Admin charges?
As per Govt. Guideline all distributors have to pay TDS on their Income which is 5% and in case you have not submitted your PAN Card to the company then 20%. Admin charges is for the companies admin expences which will be 10% and may increase as per company’s policy.

If I’m an independent resseler/ business associates/ distributors, why are there rules regarding my conduct?
From a legal standpoint, you are an independent contractor because the company does not tell you when, where, and how to perform your tasks. If it did, you would be an employee. Adopting guidelines on ethical issues, consumer legal safeguards, and general rules for fair competition among distributors does not negate independent contractor status (Code of conduct is mentioned on the website and each associate/ distributor is bound to follow) Independent contractor status generally means that individuals are liable for their own income taxes, insurance, etc.

What can I do on the Internet with my Easycart network marketing business?
Here again, you will have to talk to the Head office. Keep in mind that easycart closely guard their trademark names and have a right to regulate their usage in all media, whether it is print or on the Internet. The Internet offers tremendous possibilities for both companies and distributors, and this opportunity is one with which many companies are wrestling. individuals who use search engines would likely to be unable to find the company’s home.

What can I say about a easycart herbal nutritional and dietary supplements?
Generally, companies will be very clear about what can be said and what cannot be said, as demonstrated in their official literature. Unauthorized claims are strictly rohibited. Under the Act, third- party literature or scientific studies which are generic in nature may be passed out to the public. nutrient will treat or cure a connective tissue disease.

Is it appropriate to pay commissions on sales aids?
No. In Easycart network business Commissions are only paid on products or services that are available to be sold or used by consumers. Sales aids do not fall in that category because they are merely tools for distributors. Payment of commissions on sales aids would be criticized as a payment of "head hunting fees" for the mere act of finding other distributors, as opposed to sales to users of the company’s products or services. This practice is not being done in easycart business.

Are there any trade organizations for the industry?
There are two major trade organizations this industry. The Central Govt Ministry of Consumer Affairs and State Govt Consumer Affairs at the same time Indian Direct Selling Association and FICCI also plays a vital role in it.

Which is more important in our company: sponsoring or selling?
They are both important. An army of distributors that sells nothing will produce no commissions. On the other hand, recruitment is very important in a business where 90 percent of the distributors are part-time and productivity per distributor is relatively low. A balance is the key.

Who owns the downline?
Actually no one owns the downline. Distributors enter into an individual contract with the company. Inherent in the contract is the company’s agreement to pay overrides on the downline sales organization of the distributor. However, downlines are people and no one owns people. On the other hand, companies provide distributors with computer printouts and genealogical reports, which the companies view as proprietary and confidential. Companies do expect that distributors will not use printouts to solicit for other opportunities, or to conduct mass mailings or in any other way utilize computer printouts to compete.

Is multilevel marketing taught in leading business schools?
This is one of the popular myths in the marketing industry. Though case studies have been done on some leading direct selling companies such as Mary Kay, multilevel marketing itself has not historically been a course topic in business schools. This may be changing, however. In the mid-1990s, the University of Illinois in Chicago first offered studies on network marketing, and other universities have followed. It is in practice in some of the leading universities of India also.

Did most of India’s millionaires make their money in MLM?
Again, this is a myth. There is good money to be made in multilevel marketing, and quite a few people have become millionaires in this industry.

Can a easycart restrict my personal advertising?
The rights of the distributor and the easycart network marketing company are determined by their contract, and specific restrictions on advertising are contained in the distributor agreement and the company’s policies and procedures. The rules regarding advertising are usually very detailed.

Is it okay to pay commissions for recruiting new distributors?
Absolutely not! This is what is referred to as "head hunting" fees and is commonly referenced as an element of pyramid schemes in court cases. Commissions should be paid only on the sale of the company product or services. We at easycart strictly follow the same.

Who owns the distributorship in a divorce?
There are no special network marketing laws for divorces. The same laws that regulate dissolutions of marriage in each state regulate the fate of a distributorship in a divorce situation. In court proceedings, valuations are placed on the distributorship just as other assets are valued.