• We aspire to be the most distinctive and responsive organization with the highest quality standards in all our undertakings. We lead by example whilst maintaining a strong sense of our identity, objectivity of thought and accountability of results in pursuit of excellence.

• We endeavor to enhance shareholder value over the medium to long term.

• We continually strive for an environment of resilience through professionalism, commitment and sound business practices. We are proactive, resourceful and entrepreneurial and aspire to continuously inspire and motivate ourselves and our desire to learn and progress in a competitive environment.

• We constantly aspire to build and enrich each brand under our care but always in cognizance of the highest quality standards that are consistent with the brand’s legacy and image. We aspire to long-term relationships with principals, which are a testimonial of our integrity and commitment to our business partners.

• We Endeavour to provide customer service excellence, extending beyond geography and product, enhancing the entire shopping experience.

Monitoring and Enforcement:

Understanding and complying with the Code of Conduct

- It is the personal responsibility of every director and employee to understand and comply with this Code of Conduct.

- Where required under this Code of Conduct, employees and directors must seek clearance and consent from their immediate superiors. Functional managers should, in their day-to-day supervision, ensure that their subordinates understand and comply with the standards and requirements stipulated in this Code of Conduct.

- Channels of complaint are open to all shareholders, customers, suppliers and contractors, as well as all directors and employees of the Company. Complaints and queries can be emailed directly and on a confidential basis to the Regional Compliance and Internal Audit,

- The Company will consider all complaints impartially and efficiently. Unlawful or unethical conduct will be investigated thoroughly. All information received will be kept confidential.

• Violation of the Code of Conduct - Any violation of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including summary dismissal without payment in-lieu of notice. In cases of suspected corruption or other forms of criminal act, the Company may report such conduct to the appropriate authorities.


Our Founder and Managing Director

Bipul Mullick in his capacity as President & Managing Director of Easy Cart . is responsible for the Easy Cart operations and leading the team, in partnership with the distributor leadership, to drive sales growth and achieve business objectives.

He is a veteran business executive who is highly adaptable and responsive to the needs of the market and business situations and has played a key role in developing Eacy Cart World business for the past Life time years.

* A Young Entrepreneur
* Social Worker
* Master in Social Work
* Working Since Last 09 years in Herbal Sector
* Running Many Company