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TERMS AND CONDITION FOR BUYER (EXCLUDING DISTRIBUTOR, FRANCHISE, DEPOT, SUPER DEPOT) Easycart Multitrade Online LLP (“Easycart” or “Company”) is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and has office in Shivalik Vihar, Patiyalan Road, Punjab, 140603. The Company is inter-alia intoits Registered Of the business of Direct Selling of various products such as Ayurvedic Medicines, Herbal, Health Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, Personal Care Products and other FMCG products. Copyright Act: All printed materials, labels, logos or slogans are the Copyright material of EASYCART and associate companies. No buyer or any other person has the right to use whole or part of the printed material without the written permission of the EASYCART and/or associate companies. Related to Advertisement and Social Media: If any buyer wants to give an advertisement about the business and/or the product then he/she will have to take/obtain a written permission from the Company for the use of EASYCART Marks and Logos in the advertisement. Buyer cannot sell company’s products on social media or any other online shopping portal. In the advertisement and in any social media platform misleading information or allurement practices of any form on the products and/or business should is strictly prohibited. If any Buyer is found guilty of such an act, the buyer will be personally responsible for the same and the company’s decision of the final.Company’s management will be Buyer neither can incur any liabilities or debt nor enter into any contract in the name or on behalf of the Company. Buyer will not open Bank account in the name of company i.e. Easycart Marketing Private Limited, EASYCART. Buyer may purchase products from Company through online order on MRP. Buyer may contact Company’s customer care for any product related.


Easycart Group mission is to reach every door globally and create awareness for living a disease free peaceful life through enjoying daily routine life style being closure to nature. Help mankind to avoid poisonous supplements marketed by greedy agencies world over and fight unavoidable diseases through yogic practices and all remedies provided by natural alternatives available like Easycart products.


Easycart Group journey began with a vision to provide as much value to the world as possible - the majority of our products are natural, with an emphasis on quality at affordable prices. Easycart commitment to delivering only the highest quality products is fuelled by our mission to change this planet for the better.